NASD Security Exchange Falls to N990 Billion

NASD Security Exchange Falls to N990 Billion

The NASD over-the-counter (OTC) security exchange wobbles further market sentiment declines, according to trading data for Wednesday. Across the market, the NASD Share Index waned by 1.26% in the session to close at 752.48 basis points, APT Securities & Funds Limited said in its market note.

Traders explained that the outing pegged the market capitalization at N990.58 billion as investors lost N12.69 billion.

Trading data indicates that market activity as measured by the volume of trades dropped in the session as 10,274 shares were traded in 4 deals as against a volume of 17,000 units traded in 5 deals in the previous session.

This record indicates that there was a 39.56% slowdown in the volume of trades as executed deals dipped by 20.00%.

The value of those traded shares stood at N1.642 million representing a 19.71% drop from a value of N2.045 million recorded in the previous session, traders said in a note. # NASD Security Exchange Falls to N990 Billion

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