About us



MarketForces is a media platform Registered Under LSintelligence Associates, it engages the public and private sector in macroeconomic issues as it affects overall well-being of people living in the continent. We organise periodical economic roundtables, investors’ shows and conferences to solving specific policies issues.

Our focus is centered on micro and macro data analytics, Business Intelligence and Finance with interest in Investment and Economic Policy Advocacy.

Our publishing unit produces monthly business/investment magazine where we dissect research findings, discussion and other beneficial information.


We strive to produce a high standard business and investment magazine to inform, reinforce and raise issues about business, economic and investing across Africa.

Our target is to produce high standard quality editorial output, printing material, design and layout. Our team includes experienced journalists and experts with years of proven credentials as reporters, editors and commentators with specific area(s) of specialization.


MarketForces brands will compete on quality data and information for the benefit of the readers. We seek to arouse intellectual curiosity and salvage dearth of creative thinking across African Continent.


Through our various communication platforms, we will bring you an update on the latest developments in business, finance, economic and investment across sectors, nations and the global space.

We tailor our research information dissemination to specific economic agent desires, needs as related to every facet of life where value is often desire.


Significant numbers of our readers are professionals, decision makers and creative intelligence communities. They are people with interest in private equity and venture capitalism, macroeconomic indicators and corporate performance.

They are disruptors from various segments of the African economy, academia and experts.We distribute the Magazine in Africa, United Arab Emirates.