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Friday, September 25, 2020
Executive chat: coronavirus has marked down my business - MD Obviously, there will be corporate casualties in various sectors following the coronavirus pandemic. Though, there are victors given the intrinsic opportunities; but the vanquish would come in a large number. Many informal business owners would feel the pains of economic lockdown than...
Why Smart Companies Outsource Product Manufacturing. When new businesses fail, most of the time it’s due to running out of cash.
PAC Capital analyst explains how Finance Act promotes fiscal equity, best practices. Pan African Capital Holdings’ (www.panafricancapitalholdings.com) analyst led by Oluwole Adeyeye has explained that the strategic objectives of the Finance Act is to promote fiscal equity apart from the fact that it seeks to raise government revenues.
How to set up, manage fashion design business. For those with cash, there is no business you cannot invest your money-irrespective of technical requirements. One of the thriving businesses is fashion design. There is huge opportunity for well thought fashion house.
How foreign companies in Nigeria can reduce negative tax incidence. The likelihood of getting caught up in negative tax incidences is much higher in foreign markets than in one’s home country where tax laws may be more common knowledge and practice, says Abdulrasaq Olatunji, Director, Tax & Regulatory Services, at Nolands Nigeria Professional Services.
Fidelity Bank stronger earnings reinforce forecasts, says it’s able to defend margin
More than 60% of employees in pay jobs say they want to start their businesses
CITA: Section 19 causing double taxation on companies which defer distribution of profit
LIRS: Plan integration of PID, TIN to expose tax defaulters, evasion