As a business owner in Nigeria, it is compulsory to pay taxes and to track this, every business should have a Tax Identification Number (TIN).
How to Get Money Lending License in Nigeria
How to Start Sports Betting Business in Nigeria. Sport betting is now a multi-billion naira business in Nigeria at the moment and the industry.
FirstBank Convenes SMECONNECT WEBINAR, Promotes Growth of The Educational Sector First Bank of Nigeria Limited, Nigeria’s premier and leading financial inclusion services provider, has announced the convening of a Business Clinic to promote the growth and sustainability of the educational sector, especially in the light of the coronavirus which is...
'8 Years Ago, I Got Fired as President and Co-Founder'. American Entrepreneur and former President at Udemy, Gagan Biyani tells his story on startup issues and leadership on twitter. Here are what he said: "8 years ago, I got fired as President and co-founder of @Udemy, a now-$2 billion unicorn", he tweeted.
Executive chat: coronavirus has marked down my business - MD Obviously, there will be corporate casualties in various sectors following the coronavirus pandemic. Though, there are victors given the intrinsic opportunities; but the vanquish would come in a large number. Many informal business owners would feel the pains of economic lockdown than...
Why Smart Companies Outsource Product Manufacturing. When new businesses fail, most of the time it’s due to running out of cash.
PAC Capital analyst explains how Finance Act promotes fiscal equity, best practices. Pan African Capital Holdings’ ( analyst led by Oluwole Adeyeye has explained that the strategic objectives of the Finance Act is to promote fiscal equity apart from the fact that it seeks to raise government revenues.
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