Cordros Milestone Fund: Taste of Varieties Investment Options
Cordros Milestone Fund

Cordros Milestone Fund: Taste of Varieties of Investment Options

The investment environment has become so tough that doing it alone could mean earning lower than what the market could offer. With the inflation rate at double-digit and yield in the fixed income market trending southwards, the equity market could provide support for investors’ portfolios.

Obviously, it requires calculative risk-taking to get better returns.

Like every combat action, some people appear to have mastered the game more than others. You cannot afford to deal unless you are well-grounded in trading stocks.  You must be good at the game but do not forget that fantastic traders almost always miss it.

Asset managers understand the game, even more from your risk appetite. The point is when you buy into a fund, asset managers watch your portfolio like a hawk that is ready to pick prey.

What if you could have a cut from every piece of investment options available? That is where positioning in mutual funds could be a game you should play too. Let’s cut to the chase.

“Would Cordros Milestone Fund support your investment drive?” 

MarketForces Africa’s financial markets research team gathered that Cordros Milestone Fund is an actively managed unit trust scheme that seeks to strategically allocate investments in assets such as equities, bonds—including government, sovereign, and investment-grade corporate bonds—and high-quality money market securities.

What did the numbers say about the fund? According to the latest report, Cordros Fund has gained more than 20% year to date.

This is a fantastic investment for planning future expenditure. That’s what we know. Instead of waiting for bulk cash to drop, or keep the money in a safe, the investment allows you time to put yourself together without pressure.

According to Cordros Asset Management, the issue price was N100 per unit with a minimum initial investment being N2,500 for 25 units and additional investments of 10 units thereafter. The minimum holding period is 180 days (6 months).

However, units redeemed before the expiration of the minimum investment period (180 days) would attract an early redemption fee of 1.50% of redemptive value.

Cordros Asset Management also confirmed that the fundamental objective of the Milestone Fund is to provide convenience, diversification, and a competitive return.

The Fund is designed for retail, high net worth individuals, and institutional investors -firms, societies, religious bodies, and employee schemes amongst several others- whose primary goal is to minimize the risk associated with saving via a diversified investment solution across different assets classes.

The Fund, a product of a successful merger of the Cordros Milestone Fund 2023 and Milestone Fund 2028, is an attractive investment option for investors that have certain future liabilities to meet.

“Is the Cordros Milestone Fund a Retirement Fund?”

Although Cordros Milestone Fund can serve for retirement purposes, it is not a retirement fund. As the name suggests, the Fund can serve as a target for any milestone project in the future.

The Fund offers investors capital appreciation benefits, diversification across asset classes, automatic rebalancing, , annual dividend income, and professional portfolio management.

The Cordros Milestone Fund is managed by Cordros Asset Management Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cordros Capital Limited and licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission as a fund/portfolio management company.

Since incorporation, the fund manager has demonstrated competence in managing clients’ investment needs with its range of products and services.

A quick review of the Fund’s performance as of 25th November 2021 shows a year-to-date return of 20.01%. This is higher than the average return on fixed income funds which printed at about 11.60% and 7% year to date of the Nigerian Exchange All-share index.

It is expected that investors would take advantage of this stellar performance and lock in their investments whilst the Cordros Asset Managers continue to deliver significant returns. #Cordros Milestone Fund: Taste of Varieties Investment Options

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