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Saturday, June 10, 2023
The gap between the Nigerian naira exchange rates at the investors, exporters’ window and parallel market
The United States (US) dollar falls after rising Monday on expectations for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates
Nigeria’s naira displays sideway performance, though it has reduced in value across foreign exchange markets
The Nigerian continues to nosedive across the foreign exchange (FX) markets as hope for recovery begins to look ...
The Nigerian naira depreciated steeply after a huge foreign currency outflow from the nation’s external reserves ...
The United States (U.S) dollar continued its descent against its major trading partners early Thursday
The United States (US) dollar falls to a seven-week low against a basket of currencies and is likely to stay weak
The US dollar was mixed against its major trading partners early Tuesday ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee announcement
The dollar slid on Monday as investors reacted to UBS' takeover deal with rival Credit Suisse.
The Nigerian Naira and the nation's gross foreign reserves nosedived amidst uncertainties in the economy