UBA LEO now on Apple Business Chat for improve customers’ engagement

UBA LEO now on Apple Business Chat for improve customers’ engagement

UBA LEO now on Apple Business Chat for improve customers’ engagement

United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc has announced that the services of its Chatbot, Leo, is now available for customers on Apple Business Chat, where its users can communicate directly with businesses using the Messages app on iPhone and iPad.

The Bank’s investment in Artificial Intelligence has again been channelled to increase customers’ engagement with clients using Apple iOS specific operating requirements compare with Android.

Kennedy Uzoka, Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer said: “As a brand focused on providing excellent customer experience, we are always looking for new ways to serve our customers easily and on time; we are therefore thrilled to support Apple Business Chat, which gives us a powerful and engaging connection with our customers”.

He said: “Most of our customers prefer iOS, and we always want to exceed their expectations when they experience UBA. Apple Business Chat makes communicating with us as easy as messaging a friend, so we expect it will quickly become our customers’ preferred customer service channel.”

“UBA customers can now use the services of LEO, through the Apple Business Chat to open an account, buy airtime, check account balance, make account transfers and pay bills.

“With Business Chat, customers can always reach a live person and are always in control of whether they share any contact information with a business”, he added.

Uzoka said, “Today, we are covering a segment that has been missing for some time. It is our desire to ensure that we put Leo everywhere, and today it is now on the IOS platform as the users approached us that they needed to enjoy the service which Facebook and WhatsApp users had been enjoying from LEO.

“Consistently, we have been the first in the use of intelligence banking; this is the first time this is happening in Africa. LEO is live in English on the IOS platform, and by the end of October, it will be live in other languages.

“As you know, LEO is already on WhatsApp and Facebook in English, French, Portuguese and Swahili languages.

“To start Apple Business Chat, customers can click the ‘Chat with Messages’ button on UBA’s website or in a mobile banking app, available in the App Store.

“A conversation with UBA’s agents will open instantly in the Messages app, and users can take their time responding when it’s convenient”, he stated.

Also, the Group Head, Online, Banking, Austin Abolusoro, said the bank is always looking for ways to improve upon its services to its teeming customers.

Abolusoro said: “We are leading financial industry artificial intelligence (AI) in Africa. Our customers have been increasingly asking for mobile services that make their lives easier”.

He further stressed that Leo has become a growing choice for his convenience and personal solutions, over a million customers are already on the LEO platform.

“As we continue to advance our work on AI-driven developments, it is important that we listen to our users today and further enhance Leo to align to client feedback in order to better meet and anticipate needs and even continue to give them increased value,” Abolusoro said.

He added that Apple Business Chat is available in beta for users and businesses around the world, and is built into iOS 11.3 and higher.

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UBA LEO now on Apple Business Chat for improve customers’ engagement

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