Top 10 Stocks with positive return on NSE

These are stocks that are bears-proofed, wearing strong bulls’ helmet in dirty terrain of heavy price depreciation that has swept off early gains in the Nigerian stock exchange.

For some, liquidity is a prevalent issue to consider when you are adding them to your portfolio. It is also observed that some stocks that have low trading value return positive.

Some are widely held, low float and legacy stocks like Nestle is a captain don’t always fly around. It is too pricey for new entrants.

Base on their year to date performance, quite a number of listed stocks are not in the money.

Weak macros has reduced market capitalisation significantly in 2019. Though, two giant telecom operators joined the exchange, market cap hasn’t gain to reflect this.

There are upside in the Nigerian Stock market, analysts said and reference to banking sector where stocks are trading at more than 50% MSCI index compare to peers, but sentiment is dragging investors action.

There is heavy mood swing, low and high but the fact that market is not capturing earnings information like the case with banks, shows deep rooted hatred for investment climate at the moment.

There are always outliers, like underdog who gives up at nothing but the best.

C&I Leasing Plc, a public limited maritime company, has increased its share value by 270.9% year to date.

At the beginning of the year, CILeasing share price opened the floor at N1.75 kobo. At the peak point, the share price traded at N9.04 kobo while the lowest quoted price was N1.78.


The company’s share traded at N6.60 on Friday.

Dangote Flour share price has appreciated 248.48% year to date. This company’s stock opened the year at N6.85, and was sold at the peak price point at N23.20. Its lowest value in the year was N5.60 and it closed the market at N23.

Cornerstone Insurance Plc.’s share price has increased by 125% from the beginning of the year when it was traded at 20 kobo.

On Friday, the share traded at 45 kobo though it had hit 46 kobo at the peak time while the lowest price in the year was 20 kobo.

Thomas Wyatt stock has increased 65.22% year to date, as the current price is 38 kobo after it was reinstated in March, 2019.

The price at the beginning of the year was 23 kobo, at a point the share price hit 42 kobo then dropped. The lowest price in the year was 23 kobo.

ABC transport share price did 51.72% year to date return. It opened at 29 kobo in the year, having peaked at 57 kobo and lowest price of 25 kobo. At the close of trading session on Friday, the share price was 44 kobo.

BOC Gas has returned 45.37% year to date as the share price closed trading peak price of N6.12 on Friday. It opened the year at N4.21 kobo and it lowest point had been N3.76.

CARVERTON has also increased by 28.13% year to date. It opened the floor in the year at N1.92, peaked at N3 in the year. On Friday, it closed trading session on at N2.46.

Continental Insurance Plc. is positive in terms of return. Year to date, this stock has appreciated by 25.65%, opened at N1.85 but traded at N2.40 on Friday. Before then, the stock had hit the upper price level of N2.40 and lowest in the year had been N1.27 kobo.

John Holt opened the year on the bourse at 44 kobo, which is coincidentally its lowest point in 2019. It hit peak point at 61 kobo while it traded at 55 kobo on Friday at year to date return of 25%.

At 25% year to date return, Union Bank Plc made it to the list. At the beginning of the year, the share price of the bank was N5.60 but traded at N7 on Friday. At its peak price in the year, it traded at N7.50 while the lowest its opening price in the year.