Tesla: From Model X with Falcon Wings Doors to New Roadster

Tesla: From Model X with Falcon Wings Doors to New Roadster

Tesla is usually the first brand that comes to mind when one brings up electric cars.

This American manufacturer became the catalyst for major automotive corporations to start thinking about alternative energy sources.

The main players in the Tesla range are the Model S liftback and the Model X crossover cars that have won fame all over the world. Tesla: From Model X with Falcon Wings Doors to New Roadster

The budget Model 3 is still not doing so well; the company is still working out some teething problems.

Model S and Model X cars are more popular as they have fewer production defects. Although it’s not just Tesla – not a single car in the world is insured against it.

There are no other disadvantages of owning a Tesla.

  • It has record-breaking electricity reserve indicators (the P100D versions can drive over 300 miles even in extreme conditions), as well as the most potent power units which, in the Ludicrous mode, allow for stunning acceleration dynamics: cars go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds.
  • In a quarter of a mile, the practical Model S and Model X cars, which can carry more than 5 passengers, are often faster than renowned supercars. This is one of the reasons behind Tesla’s immense popularity today
  • In addition to pure vehicle dynamics, Tesla can offer the world’s most convenient infotainment systems, the IVI, (according to a recent Consumer Reports study) and a wow effect like Falcon Wing doors in the X.
  • And there is, of course, the much-awaited all-electric battery-powered four-seater Tesla Roadster sports car 
  • The Roadster is the successor to Tesla’s first production car, which was the 2008 Roadster. Sales will begin in 2020, although not before yet another Tesla, The Model Y, goes on sale.

Should you invest in Tesla now?

Do it, but only if you will drive another car while parking your Tesla in a dry garage for a number of years.


It’s possible that in 10 years these cars will cost significantly more than they do now.

In other words, Tesla cars can follow the path of an original iPhone: an unopened box with the revolutionary first-generation phone inside is now worth thousands of dollars.

Tesla: From Model X with Falcon Wings Doors to New Roadster

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