Electric, supercars: best makes and models to buy in 2019

Electric, supercars: best makes and models to buy in 2019

Do you like expensive toys as much as 1,300 men who search for “electric supercars for sale” on Google every month?

Actually, in ten years, electric (super) cars have gone from being expensive toys with below-average consumer-oriented characteristics to a fully-fledged alternative to cars with internal combustion engines.

Today, every respectable car manufacturer (from Mercedes-Benz to Porsche, to Audi, to Jaguar) has a battery powered car or a plan for it.

Does this mean that the future is already here and it’s time to switch to electric traction motors?

But it doesn’t look like Africa market is ready. Given the erratic power supply in some part, if not all countries, in Africa…Electric cars may not be in the show room in the next couple of years.

Electric vehicles market in 2019

Looking at the capabilities of electric cars today, it’s difficult not to give in to the desire to buy one.


They don’t pollute the air, which means they are free to drive in city centers.

In the United States, UK and other countries where emission taxes are applied, they provide an advantage as they enjoy certain tax privileges.

They are also incredibly fast — even large crossovers with under the floor batteries are able to accelerate to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. 

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Not to mention the supercars that take even less time.

Finally, they are extremely easy to live with – they require fewer moving parts mean less frequent and shorter visits to the service station.

Plus, electric cars are extremely quiet.

However, they are not without flaws. One of the main issues is the actual mileage, which rarely exceeds 300 miles.

Also, the second drawback is a lack of infrastructure: there are fewer fast charging points than conventional gas stations.

Plus, for some, the roar of the V12 is the sweetest music in the world, and the smell of high-octane petrol is an incomparable aroma.

So, is an electric car a dream investment today? To find an answer to this question, we’ve compiled a short guide to their pros and cons.

Electric, supercars: best makes and models to buy in 2019

SOURCEJulius Alagbe
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