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Friday, August 14, 2020
Analysts Maintain Sell Rating on Neimeth Stock Despite Rally. Amid rising cases of COVID-19, Neimeth Pharmaceutical Plc stock rallied in the past weeks, though it has also dropped having gained more than 45% in a week
Investment: Are You Planning to Buy Treasury Bills? If you are risk averse, investing in Treasury Bills will match your profile. It is very unlikely to lose your investment. Meanwhile, the income from investing in T-Bills is tax free, so interest received is not subject to withholding tax.
60% Upside! FSDH Explains Why Investors Should Buy Airtel Stock. FSDH group has stated that Airtel Africa’s healthy fundamentals, improving debt position and sturdy growth story places it among its favoured buys.
ARDOVA: Analyst lifts target price on anticipated earnings surge. ARDOVA Plc: Despite the fact that weaker gross margin bites the company’s performance in the first quarter, Vetiva’s analysts Luke Ofojebe lifted target price  by more than 11%.
How to be a shareholder, buy cheap stocks and build portfolio The golden rule hasn’t changed: buy low, sell high. that is how to make profit in equities trading. This is not a good time to be subservient, there is only one way out of economic twists and turns COVID-19 brought...
Sell-offs Persist in the Domestic Bonds Market, says Afrinvest
Market Brief: NSE sustains positive momentum on accretion to external reserve
NB Plc: Vetiva’s analyst slashed share price target on performance concern
Investors’ wealth spikes as stock market gains ₦374.9 billion
NSE records consistent increase in FPI net outflow in Q1 2020