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Friday, September 25, 2020
How to Get Money Lending License in Nigeria
Nigeria’s Ballooning Debt: Don’t Panic, China is not the Devil. Many Nigerians are
PFAs withdrawal, CRR Debits Tighten Financial System Liquidity
Pension: What happens if a PFA or PFC fails, liquidated? Without sound corporate governance, integrity contributory pension scheme would be a very risky venture. As such, retirement planning would be a disaster but the National Pension Commission.
Ticking Debt Clock: How Much Can Nigeria's Economy Absorbs? Some Nigerians are worried about rising debt profile amidst increasing poverty level in the country. The government has been on the side of borrowing, but neglect how to increase revenue. Mr. President, what is your debt repayment strategy like? It is not...
17 Questions that Address How PFAs Invest Employees’ Contributions to RSA. These 17 questions address how employees contributions to retirement savings accounts are invested and managed under contributory pension scheme.
Economic Sustainability Plan: Grand Ambitions, Weak Capacity – Afrinvest. A leading investment banking firm, Afrinvest has explained why the Nigeria’s Economic Sustainability Plan remains a grand ambition amidst weak capacity to deliver.
Tips on how to become social media marketing expert This is not another motivational talk. It is the reality of the day and we are already caught in the social web. Using social media platforms started like joke for many of us, today, it is an expertise people are striving to...
Nigerian Stock Market is Going Vertical, Impressively The Nigerians Stock Exchange is going vertical, and that will be sustained given some developments in the financial market. Stock market is gaining, and last few weeks performances have shown that the market is creating wealth for investors, again. Now, NSE capitalisation has crossed...
A bond is a fixed income debt instrument issued by the government (federal or state government) or corporate institutions with a definite date of maturity.