FG Deploys Advanced Software to Implement Methanol Fuel Production

FG Deploys Advanced Software to Implement Methanol Fuel Production

The Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) have deployed Solidworks, an advanced software tool for the implementation of methanol fuel production in Nigeria.

Declaring open the workshop on Implementation of the National Policy on Methanol Fuel Production Technology Strategy in Abuja on Tuesday, Mrs Monilola Udoh, Permanent Secretary of the ministry said Nigeria needed alternative energy sources.

She said that though the oil and gas industry was the backbone of the economy, the shift towards renewable and clean energy resources had made it imperative that Nigeria diversified Its energy sources.

Udoh said methanol fuel production was a viable option with the potential of benefitting the economy and environment in several ways.

“If appropriately implemented, it would facilitate the efficient and effective use of the country’s gas resources, complement the Federal Government’s efforts to commercialise flared gas and reduce associated environmental pollution.

“Methanol is a clean-burning fuel that is gaining traction globally as a viable alternative to fossil fuel,’’ she said.

Udoh said the ministry had collaborated with Messrs Coscharis Technologies Limited in hosting the training on the use of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) software and Solidworks solutions to drive projects and programmes in the ministry.

She said Solidworks was a computer-aided design (CAD) software that enabled engineers to create 3D models of products, parts and coupling of machines, widely used in manufacturing industries to design and develop new products.

The permanent secretary listed the uses of the software, its advantages and benefits which included a reduction in cost and time of developing new products.

Dr Peter Ekweozoh, Director of Environmental Sciences and Technology Department of the ministry, said the ministry was driving a number of technologies that would impact the socioeconomic development of the country.

He said: “Today, you are witnessing another phase to that giant stride and what this means is that the ministry is coordinating the implementation of national policy on methanol fuel production technology.

“This policy will impact on seven sectors of the economy and accelerate the implementation of the national department contribution under the Paris Agreement.

“The seven sectors have been placed by the Federal Government to be committed to cutting down global warming by 47 per cent.

“These sectors are agriculture, energy, industry, water resources, waste sector, transportation and oil and gas.’’

Ekweozoh said it was the responsibility of the ministry to come up with solutions, innovations, technologies and scientific tools that would enable Nigeria to implement all the global conventions under the Paris Agreement. He said the national department contribution that had been deposited with the Paris agreement was very crucial.

Accordingly, this informed the ministry’s efforts to see that the national policy on methanol fuel technology took root from the key strategy of adding value to Nigeria’s natural raw materials. The Director said, “Though these raw materials are not renewable energy, they can afford the nation’s opportunity to transition into a greener economy.

“So, we came with a technology that would not only add value but create jobs, production and manufacturing industries, especially in the chemicals industry value chain.

“This would help us generate cleaner electricity and cut down global warming,’’ he said. Ekweozoh said the ministry was starting the initial phase of the methanol fuel production technology policy with a pilot. He disclosed that the pilot phase involved how to apply the policy on the transportation sector.

According to him, it will firstly be piloted by the production of methanol from gas and blending the available fossil fuel up to 15 per cent which would help cut down carbon footprint in the transportation sector. #FG Deploys Advanced Software to Implement Methanol Fuel Production

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