Dr. Osagie Ehanire
Dr. Osagie Ehanire, Minister of Health

COVID-19 to shape investors’ appetite in Healthcare, Virtual Education

The incidence of coronavirus which is ravaging the global economy could push significant amount of private investment into healthcare, education.

The pandemic will shift investors’ appetite in healthcare, virtual education, experts told MarketForces.

The lockdown approach to managing COVID-19 from spreading triggered the need and apparent relevance of virtual assets as means to learning.

MarketForces Africa intelligence in a report gathered that things will not be the same after the pandemic is tamed.

Private investment shift into healthcare would receive attention, just as a number of online educational resources that are recently deployed would gain traction.

In a webinar organised by LSintelligence Associates, the consultant had predicted increase drive to support healthcare infrastructure.

According to LSintelligence, the firm explained that with government giving prominence to building the nation’s healthcare infrastructure, it expects increase in private investment drive into the sector after COVID-19.

The nation’s healthcare infrastructure has been overtly neglected due to alternative sources oversees.

But the breakout of COVID-19 revealed actual state of the nation’s investment in health facilities.

A number of healthcare facilities have not been performing, and some were practically outdated, LSintelligence stated at the webinar.

“In our research, we understand that quite a number of the nation’s health facilities are not upgraded to meet recent requirements.

“For example, available healthcare facilities/resources being deployed in Nigeria to handle cases of coronavirus pandemic is an eye opener.

“The fact is, government has not done enough in this regards but investment in healthcare would receive attention now.

“Private investment would shift interest in financing health assets, noting that government has indicated interest in facilities upgrade”, the firm held.

Speaking further, LSintelligence stated that virtual education has been in the focus but there is expectation that the segment would be supported.

“You must have seen how technological infrastructures have made it possible for pupils, and young adults to learning during this period.

“The thing is, there are also opportunity for busy executives to learn from online resources facilities.

“This trend is changing the narrative in the educational sector- gradually. With this, investors’ sentiment is building and we expect more funds to be channeled into virtual assets”.

Broadly speaking, the training and research firm explain that things will never remain the same after the pandemics.

It said, corporates and individuals are learning how and where to make certain adjustments and this would be implemented as we move forward to the next phase.

COVID-19 to shape investors’ appetite in Healthcare, Virtual Education



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