With 5K, You Can Invest in Stanbic IBTC Shari’ah Fixed Income Fund

With 5K, You Can Invest in Stanbic IBTC Shari’ah Fixed Income Fund

With as low as N5,000, you can start testing your appetite for investment in various financial instruments in Nigeria. At least, to a certain extent, you will be able to reduce exposure to inflation. The thing is, you could design your portfolios to satisfy your cash demand.

Money, they say, goes to where it is treated well. However, it is not every investment window that people are allowed to put their monies irrespective of returns, a decision that often hinges on ethical or religious factors.

The good news is, there are various windows that meet all these requirements too. Think about the green bond, Sukuk for those with a strong ethical stance. And, of course, there are Shari’ah complaints instruments for Islamic-bounded investors.

Take as an example, the Stanbic IBTC Shari’ah Fixed Income Fund. According to asset managers, the fund aims to provide ethically minded investors with liquidity and competitive returns by investing in quality Shariah-compliant securities such as Sukuks and other eligible fixed-term contracts.

It is a simple, flexible and convenient way to maintain liquidity as an individual, families or corporates.

Investors tend to benefit from well-diversified mutual Funds that mitigate investment risks by investing across a diverse range of assets thus avoiding concentration risk

It is much more convenient as potential and existing investors can transact from anywhere with Stanbic IBTC online platforms – Mobile App and Web Portal.

For investors that rank flexibility as a factor, Stanbic array of investment products are designed to suit financial needs. You can easily subscribe for/and redeem your investments and it is secured if you considered the size of asset under management in Stanbic IBTC Asset Management.

Stanbic IBTC Sharia Fixed Income Fund was launched in August 2019, according to the Asset Management team note. The Fund invests a minimum of 70% of its portfolio in Sukuk bonds and a maximum of 30% in Shari’ah-compliant fixed term instruments.

There is no demand for a minimum holding period while the minimum investment amount is N5,000 as an open-ended fund. When an individual or families invest, you will be granted access to view your account online

To redeem a part or all your investments at any time: You have two option

Option 1: Log in to your mutual fund account via the web or mobile app and initiate a redemption. The proceeds of your redemption will be transferred to your nominated bank account within two (2) working days. Please note that the daily limit for online redemption is N2,500,000.00.

The online redemption service is convenient, flexible and safe. To activate the online redemption service on customers account, assets managers at the bank require you to print, execute and submit the Consent Form and Agreement at their office or any branch of Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC closest to you.

Alternatively, the completed Consent Form and Agreement can be scanned and forwarded to mutualfunds@stanbicibtc.com

Option 2: Fill in a Redemption Form and submit it at any of our branches nationwide. The proceeds of your redemption will be transferred to your nominated bank account within five (5) working days.

Investment Option with Julius Alagbe. Reach out if you have a product or service that you would want our team to review. Call: 08076677706-07 # With 5K, You Can Invest in Stanbic IBTC Shari’ah Fixed Income Fund

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