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Abubakar Suleiman, Chief Executive Officer, Sterling Bank Plc

Sterling Bank ‘Doubble’ Offers Investors 100% Returns – Official

Sterling Bank Plc says it’s offering a safe option for investments in its Doubble.Ng product to discerning investors seeking double-digit investment income.

The bank said Doubble.Ng also offered safety to investors in this period of heightened market volatility and unpredictable macro-economic environment.

Doubble.Ng is an investment product denominated in Naira and Dollar with short and long-term options.Sterling Bank

Adekunle Feyisitan, the Product Manager, Sterling Bank, Doubble.Ng, said this in a statement on Thursday in Lagos.

Feyisitan said the product was designed to address the concerns of individuals who were looking to accumulate savings and regular investment income over a specific timeline to plan for future business.

According to him, the benefits of the product include guaranteed income stream and growth for a fixed period of time, safety from market volatility and ability to access loan facilities.

“With Doubble.Ng, a customer can choose to invest either a lump sum in one contribution or in smaller monthly contributions.

“This could be for the duration of 12 to 120 months with all pay-outs remitted either monthly or as a lump sum once target is achieved to named beneficiaries.

“It empowers individuals to plan towards future consistent cash outflows such as payment for children’s further education, mortgages or funds for business start-up.

“Doubble.Ng is actually the perfect investment vehicle for those planning to transition from paid employment to owner-businesses and need to plan the cash flow in the business growth years,” he said.

Feyisitan added that Doubble.Ng target option allowed the beneficiary to set target saving and interest income in Naira or Dollar over a specified period.

He said additional voluntary contributions could be made into the investment account, apart from the regular contributions based on the initial set date because an investor was at liberty to take up multiple plans.

Feyisitan who assured customers of efficient and prompt service delivery urged them to embrace the product.

He urged those in active employment and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the high-income growth product to maximise returns on investment at this volatile and uncertain time.

Feyisitan noted that the product offered four variants to discerning investors, including three, five and 10 year plans and short-term target investments.

“The novel product, which provides fixed rates of return for a fixed period of time, can be conveniently accessed via the OneBank mobile app or Doubble.Ng website from anywhere in the world by investors,” he said.

Sterling Bank ‘Doubble’ Offers Investors 100% Returns – Official


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