Oyo House of Assembly

The Oyo State House of Assembly, under the Leadership of Olagunju Ojo, has passed a bill to provide legal framework and encourage family planning and maternity service in the state.

The bill, Oyo State Family Planning, Reproductive Health and Maternity Service, 2017, was sponsored by Mr Silas Okunlola (Iwajowa) state Constituency and
Mrs Bimbo Oladeji ( Ogbomoso North) .

According to the Chairman, House Committee on Health, Okunlola, the law is to ensure enough space is given to the number of children one decides to have.

Okunlola said that the law also was designed to address illegal termination of pregnancy, saying that violators might be charged with murder case.

Okunlola enjoined relevant agencies to as much as possible ensure full implementation of the law.

“ The law is trying to encourage family planning in the state because when we have healthy family, we will have healthy state.

“ The law also addresses area of pregnancy termination; we understand that many people have been involved in it; there is need for checks to prevent loss of lives and agony experienced as a family .

” The law only recommends abortion for people recommended by medical specialists for pregnancy termination in order to save the life of the woman.”

Okunlola said the law also established committees that will see to the enforcement of the provisions at state to local government levels.

The local government will be reporting to state, the state will be reporting to Commissioner for Health while he will be reporting to the state governor

SOURCEOgochi Ndubuisi
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