KuBitX, the first Pan African Blockchain Solutions Company has joined the growing list of corporate participants that would attend the digital banking summit, an innovation and excellence awards in Ghana.

The company which was incorporated in Mauritius is seizing another opportunity to share its ambitious plan at The Digital Banking Summit – Innovation & Excellence Awards (DBS2019) scheduled for 19th and 20th August, 2019 at the plash Kempinski Hotel Accra.

KuBitX said that decision to attend this event is not just to be a part of the hype events brings, but we see it as a unique opportunity to share with industry players the significance of disruptive innovations such as Blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT etc. and the impact they will have on the local and global economy.

“We will be exploring reasons key institutions such as the Bank of Ghana, commercial banks, telecommunications companies, tech startups in Ghana and the entire region must key into it early on, because resistance from regulatory bodies will only leave the country scrambling for relevance when a technology as inevitable as this becomes the order of the day and part and parcel of the mainstream economy.

“It is not a question is not IF, but WHEN this becomes a mass movement globally and one can only ask where Africa will be yet again in the scheme of things.

“We know the blockchain technology has enormous benefits especially for Africa and the efforts and strategies to ease cross border trade have been handed a very obvious life line”, the company stated.

According to the management, KuBitX team are very passionate about using Blockchain and other exponential technologies to begin a major economic movement by ensuring Africa will not become laggards in this internet 3.0 as was the case in the past 20 years where we had little notable contributions to tech breakthroughs such as the Internet, Email, mobile telephony, e-commerce, social media etc.

“We will showcase our Digital Assets Exchange which has the capability to trade all Blockchain based tokens and assets, as well as our ability to tokenise sovereign bonds and other physical assets for the global market place.

“Also on exhibition will be our KuBitX Payment, Remittance and OTC Wallet (KuBitX PROW) which has the ability to be financial passport for Africans to travel without physical cash while being able to spend in Africa as well as send and receive money beyond the continent”, the company notified in its release.

“Our goal as an organization is clear: educate people about blockchain and other exponential technologies on how it can improve their lives, increase adoption by creating and implementing easy to use solutions, thereby increasing financial and technological inclusion”, KuBitX stated.