Nigeria Earns $500m from 5G Spectrum Auction
Prof. Isa Pantami, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy

Nigeria Earns $500m from 5G Spectrum Auction

Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof. Isa Ali Pantami said that the Federal Government has generated over 500 million dollars from the 5G Spectrum licence auction.

He stated this at a news conference on the implication of unauthorised use and sale of private mobile radio, on Friday in Kano.

Represented by Dr Famous Eseduwo, Director, Human Resources in the ministry, Pantami said the 5G Spectrum could support Nigeria’s economy if well managed.

The minister said, “Spectrum licence is required to transmit radio waves within assigned spectrum so that the economic benefits can be harnessed.

“When the 5G network is deployed, the benefits are huge and create opportunities to engender accelerated growth and smart living in the country. READ: 5G Auction: Nigeria Plans to Achieve Largest Coverage in Africa

“The technology is also expected to bring substantial network improvements, including higher connection speed, mobility, capacity and low latency capabilities.

“5G network will play an integral part in speeding up wireless communication, enabling virtual reality and connecting millions of devices we use today,” he said.

Pantami described 5G Spectrum as critical national assets and warned against its misuse, saying,” the control of Spectrum is vested with the federal government, in line with the constitution”.

He, therefore, advised Nigerians to obtain appropriate licences from the Federal Ministry of Communications to guard against loss of revenues, warning that unauthorised users would be prosecuted. # Nigeria Earns $500m from 5G Spectrum Auction

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