Ibadan Disco Unveils iRecharge to Ease Electricity Payment

Ibadan Disco Unveils iRecharge to Ease Electricity Payment

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) in partnership with iRecharge Tech-Innovations has unveiled a payment platform, called i-Recharge to ease payment of electricity bills by customers.

The i-Recharge is a payment platform which incorporates every meter with a permanent bank account number that allows customers to pay their bills with just one simple bank transfer.

The payment solution enables customers without internet to use their bank’s USSD, any ATMs, any POS or mobile money agent within their localities to buy electricity tokens.

The Managing Director, IBEDC, Mr Kingsley Achife, in his address at the launch of the platform on Thursday in Ibadan, said that the innovative platform aims to revolutionize the way customers interact with IBEDC by making electricity bills payment easier and more convenient.

Achife added that the platform offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing customers to recharge their accounts, pay bills, and manage their electricity consumption with just a few tap on their mobile devices.

“Today, we gather here to celebrate a significant milestone in our journey toward delivering excellent customer service.

“As we all know, customer service lies at the heart of our operations. It is the very foundation on which we build trust, reliability, and satisfaction among our esteemed customers.

“We have strived relentlessly to enhance our services, adapting to the evolving needs and expectations of our customers. Today, with the introduction of i-Recharge, we mark yet another significant leap forward in our commitment to delivering excellence.

“i-Recharge is more than just a payment aggregator platform but a testament to our dedication to providing convenient, efficient, and hassle-free payment solutions for our customers.

“It brings the power of technology to their fingertips, empowering customers to take control of their energy usage and expenditures, “he said.

Achife said that the IBEDC and iRrecharge teams understand the importance of safeguarding customers’ information and transactions and had implemented robust security measures to protect customer’s data and privacy, providing them with peace of mind as they engage with the platform.

“Our journey does not end here, we will continuously strive to evolve, innovate, and move into the future where our customers’ needs and aspirations will always be met with unmatched efficiency and care.

“Customers’ feedback, suggestions, and insights are invaluable to us. We are here to serve them better, and we encourage them to join us on this transformative journey, as together, we shape the future of customer service in the power sector, “he said.

Also speaking, the Managing Director, iRecharge Tech-Innovations, Mr Tomi Araromi, said that iRecharge platform mapped bank account numbers to all prepaid meters and postpaid accounts.

Araromi added that the payment made to mapped bank account numbers automatically triggers provision of the service being used by the associated customer.

He noted that the value provision and other notification would be sent via SMS and email.

“Our being here today is a testament of our of intense drive and passion on an unwavering mission to simplify bill payment! We are here to talk about the smartest way to pay electricity bill: One bank transfer!

“At iRecharge, we have distilled through most of the challenges associated with electricity bills payments and have come up with a patented ingenious solution that allows customers pay their electricity bill with just one bank transfer to their meter’s bank account.

“With safety, convenience and accessibility at the heart of our innovation, we have mapped bank account numbers to all prepaid meters and postpaid accounts.

“What this means is that electricity meter now have their own account number and can receive payments just like how customer receive payments in their own bank account,” he said.

He added that with iRecharge platform, customers would not need to expose their bank card details online or be internet savvy to purchase token.

According to him, the solution eliminates the problem of accessibility, internet access, financial exclusion and card security in one fell sweep.

“Customers without internet can use their bank’s USSD, any ATMs, any POS or Mobile money agent close to them.

“Payments made to customer meter’s unique and dedicated bank account number generates tokens in seconds or provides transaction receipt.

“While customers with access to the internet can make transfers to their meter’s account by using, their banks online channels, such as internet banking and mobile apps.

“Customer can convinently dia *6606*1# or visit www.irecharge.ng to get the account number tied to the electricity meter, “he said. #Ibadan Disco Unveils iRecharge to Ease Electricity Payment#

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