Ukraine Reports Another 50 Overnight Drone Attacks

Russia has showered Ukraine with a new wave of drone attacks overnight, the Ukrainian Air Force reported on Wednesday morning.

Forty-one of the 48 combat drones launched by the Russian army have been repelled, the air force said on Telegram.

There were initially no reports of casualties or damage.

The Ukrainian Air Force had already warned of a new wave of approaching drones and subsequent attacks, particularly in the southern Odessa region.

It was later reported that Ukraine’s air defence was also active in the western Ukrainian city of Khmelnytskyy.

Russia had been waging a war against the neighbouring country for more than 21 months and has been ramping up its overnight drone attacks over the past few days. Nigeria Eurobond Slumps after CBN Resumes OMO Auction

Ukraine has been able to repel most of the drones using air defence systems provided by Western allies, including Germany’s Iris-T system.

Looking ahead to the coming winter months, Ukraine had also warned of increased attacks on its energy infrastructure, similar to last winter.