U.S. Mayor, NBA Commend Tinubu, Ribadu Over Economic Turnaround

The Mayor of the City of Blanco, Texas, U.S., Mike Arnold, and officials of the National Basketball Association (NBA) team have eulogised the economic strides of the Tinubu administration.

They gave the commendation at a reception hosted for Nigerian author, Reno Omokri, at the official performance centre of the San Antonio Spurs, U.S.

Arnold praised the floatation of the Naira and the removal of the subsidy on petrol, saying it would help the Nigerian economy to be more resilient.

“I am particularly pleased also that Nigeria is successfully tackling its foreign exchange crisis, and by blocking loopholes through which institutions like Binance were able to profit, which I fully support what Nuhu Ribadu is doing.

“I also praise you, Reno Omokri, for your #GrowNairaBuyNaija campaign. Because of you, Americans now know Nigerian corporations like Glo, Dangote and Innoson.”

The mayor urged Nigerians to sign his petition to build IDP infrastructure in Nigeria at http://www.idpjustice.org.

He also commended the Nigerian government for moving away from the propaganda of the last eight years to a proper agenda in the last year. Naira Devaluation Deepens Economic Crisis in Nigeria

Star player, Gorgui Dieng, gave a message of support for Nigerians and thanked Omokri for his visit while encouraging Nigerian youths to utilise sports as a means of personal development.

The performance centre is a new 500 million-dollar facility built by the NBA team in San Antonio.

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