Transcorp Hotels' Aura to Ease Booking Bottleneck, Says CEO
Dupe Olusola, Transcorp Hotels Chief Executive

Transcorp Hotels’ Aura to Ease Booking Bottleneck, Says CEO

Transcorp Hotels Plc, has launched ‘Aura’, a new digital platform, to afford holiday seekers the ease to book accommodation, restaurants, and experiences.

Africa’s leading hospitality brand Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Dupe Olusola, made this known in a statement on Thursday in Lagos.

Olusola said the move is part of the company’s asset-light model, leveraging technology to deliver true hospitality, exciting experiences, and drive shareholder value.

“It is a new dawn in the hospitality industry. I am thrilled to introduce you to Aura by Transcorp, the digital platform we are using to connect people to quality accommodation, great food, and awesome experiences.

“For more than 30 years, Transcorp Hotels Plc has been at the forefront of creating a superior guest experience at our locations.

Transcorp Hotels' Aura to Ease Booking Bottleneck, Says CEO
Dupe Olusola, Transcorp Hotels Chief Executive

“Today, our commitment to innovation has offered us an opportunity to extend this beyond the hotel premises,” Olusola said. According to her, the launch of Aura by Transcorp is one of the most significant developments in the company’s history.


“It seeks to transform the travel and tourism industry in Africa by focusing on three important components of travel, whether for leisure or business — where you stay, what you eat and how you spend your time.

“Also, with its people-driven hospitality model, Aura is set to revolutionise travel and help remind Africans of our deep history of hospitality,’’ she said.

Commenting on the launch of Aura, Mr Obong Idiong, Chief Executive Officer at

Africa Prudential Plc, Aura’s technology partners, said that finding the right accommodation could be complex.

“Finding the right accommodation when you travel can be incredibly complex. Options available for the right prices are often limited, and travellers sometimes end up with an accommodation that taints the travel experience.

“Transcorp Hotels Plc has been able to fix that with Aura, and we are proud to be associated with them.

“To ensure topnotch user experience, we built a solution to drive digital transformation through the adoption of shared living spaces for the Aura business.

“With an advanced search algorithm powered by artificial intelligence, Aura determines the relevance of locations taking into consideration, the customers’ preferences and requirements to meet them at the point of their needs,” Idiong said.

Also, Ms Priscilla Adeboye, a travel enthusiast and early adopter of Aura, said the global pandemic had pushed international travel down her list.

Adeboye said: “But, I still want to be able to take some time off work or spend a weekend away from home with the family. I have found incredible homes on Aura that meet my need for space and privacy”.

Working with thousands of partners across Nigeria and different cities in Africa, Transcorp Hotels Plc is building the continent’s largest platform for people-driven hospitality.

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With the launch of Aura, Transcorp Hotels Plc has further cemented its leadership in the hospitality industry and reinforced its commitment to innovation and superior guest experience across different demographics.

Transcorp Hotels’ Aura to Ease Booking Bottleneck, Says CEO

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