Sterling Bank offers Nigerians ₦500,000 health insurance scheme

Sterling Bank offers Nigerians ₦500,000 health insurance scheme

In partnership with over 1,000 hospitals, Sterling Bank Plc has launched a health insurance scheme to give Nigerians access to qualitative and affordable healthcare services.

With an annual subscription of ₦7,500, the Bank said the offer is open to any Nigerians and the registration is strictly online via 

Shina Atilola, the bank’s Divisional Head, Retail and Consumer Banking, announced this in Lagos on Wednesday.

“Sterling Bank understands that the fear of high bills is responsible for the medical complications of many citizens who resort to self-medication instead of going to the hospital for treatment.

“As a responsible financial institution, we have partnered with more than 1,000 reputable healthcare centres and hospitals nationwide so that Nigerians can enjoy life.

“This is because we want Nigerians to enjoy medical, dental, optical and pharmaceutical coverage worth ₦500,000 in a year,” Atilola said in a statement.

According to him, the package is open to everyone irrespective of the bank and registration is entirely digital.

He noted that under the scheme, an enrollee could visit a hospital twice a month or 24 times a year and also have access to basic X-ray services once a month.

However, Atilola explained that the subscription cost to the health insurance scheme was ₦7, 500 annually.

He said the scheme could be bought for self, family members, staff and as a gift to people in need, adding that, payment validated the subscription.

The Divisional Head said, “We know how important health is and recognise that the cost of good healthcare can be discouraging.

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“That is why we have curated what can be referred to as the best health solution in recent times in the whole country, promising effective time management and quality service delivery.

“The product again reinforces our commitment to the important sector in Nigeria. We have done this for many years and we will continue to look for ways to better the lives of the Nigerian people.

“The management understands that a healthy nation is a prosperous nation. We want to give every Nigerian access to quality healthcare service so they can grow the country’s economy.”

Atilola said anyone could access the service anywhere in the country and registration was strictly online via

Sterling Bank offers Nigerians ₦500,000 health insurance scheme