Should Nigerian Border Be Opened?

Should Nigerian Border Be Opened?
Nigerian Border

Should Nigerian Border Be Opened?

Border closure, a form of protectionism that is against free market principles, has favoured some fast moving consumers’ good operators.

Some FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) operators, due to reduced availability of substitute products, were able to raise prices of goods and services.

This was a difficult thing to do when the borders were opened. Nigerian Manufacturers lack competitive advantage, which was mainly derived from the country’s poor comparative economic advantage.

In the external front, African countries are casting votes of no confidence on Nigeria’s leadership.

Recently, Rwanda’s leadership opened its border to African countries – a visa free offer which makes the move quite Un-African.

There are agitations that Nigeria is losing in grand style its previous leadership assets in the African continent.

The largest economy that harbors the poorest of the African descents had planned to hit $900 billion gross domestic products in 2020.

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Though, Nigeria is far from achieving this, working with some 50% of the projection, population has expanded at a steep rate.

Border was closed as an anti-dumping measure but critics are of the view that border patrol and related security measure should have been strengthened instead.

While there are advantages and disadvantages with the government decision, it looks like it is time to review the policy.

What is your view? Should the Federal Government of Nigeria re-open its borders?

Why do you think it should or it should not?

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Should Nigerian Border Be Opened?


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