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Invitation to attend training on Strategy & Finance for improve business performance


We will like to invite you to our second half 2019 training on “Strategy & Finance” – full fledge session with Dr. Chukwuma Duru – a strategy consultant with more than two decades experience helping companies doing the right thing and doing things right.

Did you remember those multi-billion naira revenue generating companies that went down few years back? We have discovered what went wrong.

Disjointed corporate and financial management strategies hurt their going concern assumptions.  Many executives, owners run or family businesses even startups are faced with similar issues today.

You can’t achieve lofty corporate goals without working with information, strategies and approach that is sustainable, Kingsley Ezoh, Team Lead at LSintelligence told MarketForces Africa.

“There is nothing that kills a company faster than poor corporate and financial management strategies”, Julius Alagbe, one of the Principal Consultants at LSintelligence said while supporting his colleague.

“Strategy puts business in shape. Finance keeps business alive”, Mr. Alagbe added.

Businesses that are not in shape, that is not able to compete effectively, not making enough sales or saddled with poor internal structure to take up advantages in the economy etc. needs quality strategy.

Companies that have poor financial management strategy will always get into many troubles per seconds.

Such company would be declaring profit but there would not be positive cash flow. The companies in this kind of mess would be overtrading its capacity. It would be bedeviled with poor working capital management; and perhaps locked down significant chunk of its earnings in inventories, receivables.

How are the companies that are succeeding doing it? Check their corporate and financial management strategy – they know when to borrow, where to borrow and how to borrow at lowest possible cost.

For the finance session, you would be having it with Mr. Akin Akinbode, FCA, FCCA, accounting and finance expert with more than two decades experience in the market would take you through the world of finance applicable to your business.

For enquiry about: Facilitators profile, Training agenda, Fee send an email: office@LSintelligenceNG.com or call Ogochi: 070-3132-3232, Julius: 080-5207-6440 or Kelly: 080-7770-305/06

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