International Centre for Strategic Alliances to Hold Digital Banking Summit

The International Center for Strategic Alliances is scheduled to hold its second annual digital banking summit (DBS) – innovations and awards on 11th November, 2020. According to the organiser, the annual event aims to help banks in Africa embrace digital capabilities in order to revolutionize and transform their business and offerings will be conducted virtually. International Centre for Strategic Alliances to Hold Digital Banking Summit

In a statement, ICSA said owing to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the unprecedented times witnessed by mankind, the summit was delayed this year. Accordingly, the organiser reiterated that everybody has a responsibility and therefor the show must go on.

“The rapid adoption of digitization is certainly a positive change but anything that is happening at this pace comes with its own risks and hence DBS 2020 will witness various keynotes and insights on Digitization of the BFSI sector with the focusing “DIGITZATION OF BFSI SECTOR ENROUTE TO A CASHLESS AFRICA”, ISCA noted.

The organisation said: “DBS 2020 will be organized Virtually on the 11th November followed by the Innovation and Excellence Awards on 12th November, The summit is Co Hosted by Huawei, and supported by Central Bank Of Ghana where the First Deputy Governor Dr. Maxwell Opoku Afari will be doing the Opening Keynote Address at 08:30 am Ghana Time 11th November.

“DBS is a well-recognized series of events in the banking industry and is attended by top notch financial experts and banking professionals across the BFSI Space with great insights on the different areas of banking and financial disciplines”.

Explaining further, ISCA explained that the Digital Banking Summit for the year 2020 is designed to bring together global C-suite executives, decision makers, leaders and experts from across the BFSI Space.


It said the summit aims for experts to discuss and lay a foundation for the implementation of innovative technologies in order to achieve an overall digitization of the continent with the right security in place.

“The summit will happen virtually focusing on the areas of digital & financial identity, artificial intelligence & machine learning, implications of blockchain in BFSI, mobile payments & the new era of open banking, the rise of fintech innovation and financial inclusion to empower the economy.

“Schedule for the summit this year is The Digital Innovation and Excellence Awards 2020 to recognize and honor the exemplary contributions organizations and individuals have made towards achieving sustainability and walking ahead in the global race of digital transformation.

“In 2019 the digital innovation and excellence award was held in Accra, Ghana, the summit was inaugurated by the first deputy governor of the bank of Ghana with endorsements from the Nigeria House of Representatives.

“The summit in 2019 witnessed massive attendance with over 240 C-Suite delegates hosted from 17 countries. The two-day event was packed with keynote sessions, round table discussions, networking, one on one meetings, and interviews with experts who shared insights on the best practices in their organizations.

“The summit is designed to outline the challenges and opportunities within the industry, the contents of the 2020 summit have been crafted to educate, inspire and empower leaders to add to their current strategies and adapt to the industry’s ever-changing needs”, ISCA said.

For more details and to attend log on to Or call +44 20 3808 8625 Read Also: FirstBank announces 2020 Edition of Fintech Summit 4.0# International Centre for Strategic Alliances to Hold Digital Banking Summit

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