‘Healing church’ fined $151,200 for promoting fake Covid-19 cure

Australia: A “healing church” that promoted an industrial bleach solution as a cure for Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been fined 151,200 dollars by the Australian drugs regulator.

Miracle Mineral Solution Australia, part of an international church group that wrote to U.S. President Donald Trump promoting bleach as COVID-19 cure, was fined for selling products that pose serious health risks, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) said on Wednesday.

The regulator said it had issued 12 infringement notices “for the alleged unlawful advertising’’ of the Miracle Mineral Supplement or Solution (MMS) on the church’s website.

The church group has claimed that chlorine dioxide, an industrial bleach it sells as MMS, is a “miracle cure” for Covid-19, as well as autism, acne, cancer, diabetes and other ailments.

The solution has since been removed from the Australian website.

TGA said in the statement it was concerned about the harmful effects that can be caused by the ingestion of MMS.

It also published an updated safety alert to warn consumers about untrue claims made online about the solution for the treatment, cure, prevention or alleviation of diseases.

“There is no clinical, scientifically-accepted evidence showing that MMS can cure or alleviate any disease.

“The use of MMS can result in nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and severe dehydration, which in some cases can result in hospitalisation,’’ TGA said.

The infringement notices were issued due to alleged contraventions subject to TGA rules and regulation because MMS Australia had promoted several products as being for therapeutic uses.

‘Healing church’ fined $151,200 for promoting fake Covid-19 cure

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