It is happy school fees week! I bet you, some parents would again traumatise their children with excuses, complaints. Hey, you should have put it in plan.

There is nothing that concentrates the mind like the prospect of being hanged at dawn, one of our team member said.

There fact is, not many parents would be happy as schools set to resume. It is understandable, before some schools allow entrance into the school,fees must have been paid. It is not that easy, for some.

So, it is really a happy school fees week when you have means or sources for payment. It wont be funny that your own kids would not be able to join their peers in class.

Oh! You are cash trapped. You have been thinking where will the money needed would come from this time around?

You are not alone in this ‘shitty shit’,  many families would go unfed after they make the payment. It is normal thing as our senior advisor, Julius Alagbe said. “I have been there”, Julius said

Hush! I have a secret to tell you. You have to be on top of the game. Plan for everything before time. If it hits you in the face, it is your fault.

Banks, Insurance and Investment banking firms have some savings and investment planning windows you never bother to unlock.

Learn to plan

If you dont want to join complainants association of Nigeria anytime school fees issue comes up, then you have to deal with the root cause of why the fees won`t be ready before hand. We are not too good in Nigeria in buying therapy except when we have arthritis.

There are financial products that can be used to set the path straight for your children. Stop traumatising their emotions with your perennial complaints.

Plan school fees payment with financial products

Like I noted earlier, many banks,insurance and investment banking firms have financial products for the kids. So, your children in secondary schools should not be obstructed from being in school at the right time.  For those children you have in the University, polytechnic or Colleges of education, there are financial roducts that are designed to meeting their needs too.

Now, we are talking to all the banks,insurrance and investment banking firms to give us break down of financial productsservices they have for parents and guardians.