Google Agrees to Pay Some Publishers for Content

Google Agrees to Pay Some Publishers for Content

Alphabet’s Google on Thursday took a step toward resolving its spat with publishers for content it uses.

Now, the internet giant has indicate its readiness  to make payment to some media groups in Australia, Brazil and Germany for high-quality content, expecting to do more deals with others.

The U.S. internet giant has for years tried to fend off demands for payment from news publishers worldwide in return for using their content.Google Agrees to Pay Some Publishers for Content

The European media groups has been among Google’s fiercest critics over the years.

“Today, we are announcing a licensing programme to pay for high-quality content for a news experience launching later this year,” Brad Bender, Google’s Vice-President for News, said in a blogpost.

“We will start with a number of countries around the globe, with more to come soon,” he said.

The new product will be available on Google News and Discover.

Bender said Google would also offer to pay for free access for users to read pay walled articles on a Editor’s site where available.

Content producers that will be paid for their content are Germany’s Der Spiegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Zeit and Rheinische Post, Australian groups Schwartz Media, The Conversation and Solstice Media, and Brazil’s Diarios Associados and A Gazeta.

France’s competition authority in April ordered Google to pay French media for using their content.

Also, Australia said it would force the company and Facebook to share advertising revenue with local media groups.


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