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Ecobank Nigeria Special Loan for Women: What You Should Know. Ecobank, the Pan-African lender is offering a specially designed loan package that goes for as low as 1% interest rate charge. Is Ecobank joking?
A bond is a fixed income debt instrument issued by the government (federal or state government) or corporate institutions with a definite date of maturity.
Digitization of the banking sector -en route to a cashless Africa. The banking industry’s efforts to shift to digital channels have been staggered, at best.Given the industry’s financial pressures and global economic uncertainties, there is an increased urgency and opportunity to adopt an all-incl
FMN Plc. share stays flat despite border closure driven earnings beat. Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc. beats analysts’ estimates as government policy on border closure impacted performance positively.
Turning COVID-19 tragedy into opportunity for a New Nigeria
ACCESS Bank share price bucks bearish trend, gains 23.49% in 7 trading days
LeadCapital demonstrates why house is not an investment
Signe Lauds Africa’s Industrialisation Under AfCFTA. Prof. Landry Signe, Global Economy and Development, Africa growth Initiative at Brooking Institute in a report has noted that now that the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)
FGN Bonds: Why Parents Should Teach Children Financial Literacy The first rule is, don’t save it, invest it. Cash is the king in the marketplaces. It does not have to be Naira and Kobo though, there are cash and cash equivalent assets. If you are still among those that love to have millions, or b
Goosh! It is school fees, again