AfDB Board Authorises Independent Body to Review Ethics Committee Report

The Bureau of the Boards of Governors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) has authorised an independent review of the report of ethics committee of the boards of the Directors and submission made by Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the bank.

The bureau of the Boards of Governors of AfDB made the resolution in a communique issued by the chairperson of the bureau, Ms. Niale KABA after their meeting on Thursday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the U.S. department of treasury had called for an independent probe of allegations levelled against Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, AfDB president on corruption after being cleared by the bank’s ethics committee.AfDB Board

The position of U.S representative in the bank has been condemned by many African leaders and some sitting presidents in Africa as they rallied support for Adesina.

The communique stated that the bureau reiterated that it agreed that the ethics committee of the board of Directors performed its role on this matter in accordance with the applicable role under resolution B/BG/2008/11 of the board of Governors.

It also stated that the chairperson of the bureau performed her role in accepting the findings of the ethics committee in accordance with the said resolution.

According to the communique, the bureau arrived at the decision based on views of some Governors on the matter to carry every member along in resolving it.

“The independent review shall be conducted by a neutral high calibre individuals with unquestionable experience, high international reputation and integrity within a short time period of not more than two to four weeks maximum, taking the bank’s group electoral calendar into account.

“The bureau agrees that within a three to six months period, and following the independent review of the ethics committee report, an independent comprehensive review of the implementation of the bank’s group whistle blowing and complaint.

“Handling policy should be conducted with a view to ensuring that the policy is properly implemented, and revising it where necessary to avoid situations of this nature in future” it stated.

AfDB Board Authorises Independent Body to Review Ethics Committee Report


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